Thursday, January 29, 2004

Ya Allah, berilah kekuatan pada hamba-Mu!!

i'm feeling down the longkang @ the moment. got 4 assignments to hand in tomorrow.. finished them all but are they answering the qs? arghhh... dulu masa kat edinburgh takde lak masalah gini.. pesal pulak balik mesia ni payah benar nak buat kerja eh? banyak sangat dosa kott... tu pasal laa payah sikit nak buat kerja.. tak pun dah tua, my left and right hemisphere are lateralized.. (fewwitt.. that's psycholinguistics ppl!)

nway, got 2 presentations on 'Critical Period Hypothesis' as well as 'Cyprus Language Planning and Policy' for the morrow. All my powerpoint files and OHPs are ready (but me? am i ready? jeng-jeng-jeng...).

must admit that this level of study is rather challenging, but good for the mind. it keeps me thinking (of other things rather than 'pap-pap-kepang-kepong')! :p

pray for my fluency during my presentation yah?

Friday, January 23, 2004

phew, my first time to blog in. oh well, we must start somewhere in anything we do, ain't it?

well, today is the date to mark that i've been in this world for a quarter of a century! alhamdulillah, things in life are moving on smoothly and swiftly. episodes in my life, kalau di bukukan, would be a best seller! i bet!! :)

my bros and sis came home with their young ones to be with me and my parents. we had a bbq party at the back garden! SYOK wooo.. mak buat steam boat. nanti kalau rajin, i think i wanna upload some pic of the day. oh yea.. the choc banana cake from secret recipe was superb!

pressies... after being away from home for 6 years.. getting presents from friends, it's special to recieve some pressies from my family members... (and they're kinda kool pressies too, i must say!!). here's the list..

abah: half-cap (camni ke eja?) tayar satria ku!
mak: a new set of 916 gold ring and bracelet
bg pin & kak yati: kain ela buat baju kurung
bg kamal & kak sue: a new knitted blouse

mmm.. and it would be unfair if i dont include a pressie recieved from my princy. an original recitation of a poem straight from the heart.. coolness gelle!

oh well.. i'll be adding more to the blog later on.


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